Calling all posers…and their bikes!

Website is taking shape and it looks great. To make it look even better, we’ll be needing some willing volunteers for a photo shoot at the Middleden trails – let us know if you’re up for a spot of bike based posing and we’ll set a date for a photo session.

2 Responses to Calling all posers…and their bikes!

  1. Macaulay Niven says:

    A would be up for some photos if you need people but a would have to let u see my bike first because its in the condition how I feel comfortable and am going to come up on the opining day of the club to let you see it. Thanks.

  2. Macaulay Niven says:

    And Me and my friends are making a few vids down on the trails in a few days and upload it to youtube and face book to maybe get some people to come. we have already maid a video down the den but we need to make a better 1 thats the link to the first vid.