New Trail Building Dates at Middleden

For those of you NOT working over the summer holidays….

Graeme, Ranger with the FC&CT has announced a few more trail building dates at Middleden. It’s your chance to have input into the trails – and you get a BBQ… and cake. Did we mention the cake!?

Thursday 8th- installing posts for the route markers. We’ll be using the earth auger (everyone will get a shot!) and I’ll bring the posts along!

Friday 9th- finishing what we don’t get done on the 8th, also painting the piece of North Shore (“boardwalk”).

Once again I can bring along the BBQ; or a couple of Kelley kettles and some cake. YES Cake!!

Much head scratching, raiding hardware stores etc will probably be done in prep for Thursday and Friday.

Graeme is hoping to make this a fairly regular thing from now on (so look out for notifications on here or Facebook. Rik Allsop,  the trail designer is due to come back and work on the trails this month again so it’s an exciting time for Middleden, hopefully with lots of good jobs to be done just around the corner!

If you’re interested in coming along to any of the days (ie. enticed by the prospect of  previously mentioned cake) or have any questions feel free to get in touch with Graeme or Caroline at FC&CT. | Tel: 07903 688041



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